This workshop is designed to be of practical use.  Denise Mullen draws on her 25 years of work with individuals dealing with narcissism, utilising theory as well as case studies from her own practice.

The narcissistic clinical population can create some of our most challenging experiences as therapists.  All of our lives are in some way affected by the familiar issues of grandiosity, lack of empathy, bullying or charm and sense of entitlement we encounter through narcissistic individuals. From opposing analytic theoretical Heinz Kohut and Otto Kernberg, to the insight of Attachment Theory, there are a variety of ways to approach the underlying pathology.  Even with the best understanding, it’s a challenging area to work in.  Denise’s solidly practical approach combined with her experience is designed to give you both insight and confidence when dealing with a narcissistic client.

What’s covered

Beginning with a discussion of the DSM criteria, we will then explore the underlying pathology and build a foundation of understanding.  A variety of theoretical views are discussed.  A detailed and specific outlining of the process involved in working with this client population is given. 

Expected outcomes

Greater clarity of what constitutes narcissism, clear differentiation from other pathology (eg: Borderline, Anti-social criteria) and specific tools and resources given to help those attending move forward in the work with their clients. In the course of the workshop, through peer interaction, a sense of community builds which carries over and allows psychotherapists to connect with one another.

Comments from recent Working With Narcissism workshops

‘Your experience brought theory to life.’

The alignment of the Kohut and Kernberg work with the case study was fascinating and evocative.’

‘Denise has a wonderful, clear, calm way of presenting difficult concepts of severe personality disorders.’

‘Very clear, very honest and real.’



There are a variety of workshops available and they are given throughout Ireland and the UK.  A certificate for CPD credits is issued for each participant.  Please check the Itinerary to see current listings, location and times.  The workshops vary in length of time (eg: 3 hours or full day) so be sure to check the specific information given on each workshop.

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